Here are some recent patient comments from their post-visit evaluation survey.

Testimonial 10

The first meeting I had with my doctor was the reason I chose him as my doctor. He was empathetic, engaging and was even funny. I felt I could trust him almost within the first 10 min of our conversation. Since then, I don’t feel he’s been the same person I met. Granted, my pregnancy is nice and boring, just like I like them.

Dr. Pasternack Testimonial 4

Dr. Pasternack is a great doctor. She went above and beyond for me during my labor, even though I was not originally a patient of hers. She has a way of making you feel like you’re not just a patient.  Like she’s known a long time and really cares about you. I wish I wasn’t moving out of state, because I would love to stay under her care.

Testimonial 19

Wonderful experience. Would change nothing.

Testimonial 8

I really like the new location and, as usual, enjoy the friendly staff.

Testimonial 3

I really enjoy the staff! Every single lady in there is kind, professional and inviting.

Dr. Adams Testimonial 2

Dr. Adams and Amy are awesome! They both consistently provide a high quality of care over the many years I’ve been a patient!

Testimonial 9

I am happy that I switched over to Denali and always have had a great experience.

Testimonial 14

I love this clinic and always recommend y’all! 🙂 Two of my coworkers now are seen by y’all too!

Dr. Adams Testimonial 1

Dr. Adams was very patient, knowledgeable and clear in his approach to my questions.

Dr. Pasternack Testimonial 2

Dr. Pasternack took a lot of time to listen and respond to all of my questions. It was greatly appreciated.

Dr. Elam Testimonial 1

Dr. Elam and all the amazing staff! I have never felt more cared for at any other office.

Testimonial 7

Everyone is always kind, it makes going in almost a pleasure. The front desk staff is always so cheerful it’s hard to leave with even a hint of negativity after being surrounded by all that positive energy.

Sandra Mahoney Testimonial 1

Sandra is great. She’s relaxed and good at making me feel at ease.

Dr. Lindemann Testimonial 6

Dr. Lindemann was so wonderful! He spent time ensuring that I fully understood and felt comfortable with the new medical information that I was receiving. He was patient, calm, gentle and very kind. I will recommend him to anyone I know in need of an OB-GYN.

Dr. Lindemann Testimonial 4

Ava, Dr. Lindemann’s nurse, always calls back in a timely fashion. She’s always upbeat and positive in front of the patient.

Dr. Elam Testimonial 2

I wouldn’t change Dr. Elam for anyone else! She is the best! She is thorough, makes me feel comfortable, cares for my needs and wants! Thank you 🙂

Testimonial 17

All of the staff was so friendly from the receptionists and nurses to the the sweet lady who drew my blood.

Testimonial 12

Very friendly staff and very beautiful office. Overall very satisfying and inviting.

Dr. Adams Testimonial 3

Dr. Adams and Amy always pay attention 100% of the time.

Testimonial 8

The staff was so friendly and understanding. They were very professional at handling my anxiety issues. Thank you so much.

Testimonial 4

Thanks for the great care during and after my pregnancy journey.

Dr. Elam Testimonial 4

I’m so happy that you are my health care provider!

Testimonial 18

Every time I have had an appointment my nurse, Amy, has been extremely friendly and professional. She puts me at ease.

Dr. Lindemann Testimonial 1

Dr. Lindemann is always very punctual, sensitive to my medical condition and feelings, and knowledgeable.

Dr. Saprykina Testimonial 1

Meeting with Dr. Saprykina (is the best) because she is friendly and understanding. She always makes sure I’m okay, and I love her medical assistants as well!

Dr. Pasternack Testimonial 1

I really felt like all staff members cared about me as a patient. I appreciated Dr. Pasternack listening to my concerns about my procedure and offering different options for what I could do. It happens too often that doctors make patients feel trapped into one decision, this was not the case with Dr. Pasternack. I really felt in control over the situation and was able to use her as an educated resource to help me make the best decision possible.

Testimonial 1

I’m in good hands with the doctor and team. I really appreciate that they allow and encourage my spouse to join me during all my visits.

Dr. Saprykina Testimonial 2

Natalia is a great doctor with a lot of experience and knowledge! I can always rely on her expertise and trust her judgment.

Dr. Lindemann Testimonial 2

Dr. Lindemann is the best. Always enjoy seeing him even if it’s not for something good.

Testimonial 5

The staff is always pleasant and professional. I have a newborn and they always make sure I have help with him during my visit. Great over and beyond customer service!

Testimonial 11

My visit wasn’t rushed which made me truly feel cared for.

Dr. Elam Testimonial 3

Dr. Elam is incredibly kind and empathetic.

Testimonial 16

I’m so glad I decided to choose Denali as my provider!

Testimonial 15

This was my first visit and won’t be my last.  I was looking for a long term clinic and this was the perfect place.

Dr. Elam Testimonial 5

Dr. Elam is the best doctor I could ever ask for, I have never had anything except excellent care from her and her staff!

Testimonial 20

I am so glad to have you as my provider. When I struggled with the pain, you always found the best solution, never giving up on me. Thank for you for the patience and passion you show. I can’t wait to recommend other patients to you.

Dr. Lindemann Testimonial 5

Dr. Lindeman is very patient centered, seems to have good “bedside manner”, caring, which is why I go to him.

Testimonial 6

Thank you for having such a great front staff.  If you did not it would not be same experience!

Testimonial 13

The whole process was great! I have moved around quite a bit in my life and know how hard it can be to find a provider that you like and feel comfortable with. The whole staff, the facility and especially Stephanie made the whole process so smooth and comfortable. It was so nice to find an office and provider that I love so easily!

Dr. Lindemann Testimonial 3

I’ve been with Dr. Lindemann for over 10 years now. He is the best! He has always made me feel important, never rushed, always answer my questions and listens to my concerns. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Pasternack Testimonial 3

Dr. Pasternack went above and beyond. She talked to me as long as I needed her, knowing she probably had other things she needed to do. She was extremely supportive and I’m super glad that she’s my OB doctor.

Testimonial 2

It’s been a very pleasant experience to be treated in your office. You guys are awesome. Thank you for your dedication. You all are PROs!!!!!!!

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