Your first pregnancy can be both exciting and overwhelming. Let us help you navigate the next nine months!

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Appointment Schedule

At Denali OB-GYN, you’ll always see the same provider throughout your pregnancy. Many patients have told us this guarantee makes them feel more comfortable during appointments. Having the same provider means you get the best possible experience. This is different than most OB clinics. 

Most women visit the doctor 12 times during their pregnancy.  Here’s the general timeline:

  • Schedule your first appointment eight weeks from the start of your last period
  • Visit every four weeks through 27 weeks
  • Visit every two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks
  • Visit every week 37 weeks to delivery



(Week 1 to 12)

Your Baby
  • Month 1: Conception occurs and the cells start to multiply.
  • Month 2: The eyes start to form, and a tiny heart begins to beat.
  • Month 3: The internal organs start working. Bones and muscles grow daily.
Helpful Tips
  • Month 1: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables while your body is producing pregnancy hormones.
  • Month 2: Get plenty of rest, as your baby demands tons of energy to grow.
  • Month 3: Try eating dry saltine crackers and drinking ginger ale to ease your morning sickness.
  • This is also a good time to visit the hospital where you will be delivering your baby. We delivery our babies at Providence Alaska Medical Center or Alaska Regional Hospital.
Doctor’s Regimen

Schedule your first appointment eight weeks from the start of your last period. Your first trip to Denali OB-GYN will typically be the longest. Plan on being in the office up to two hours. We’ll cover your health history, complete a physical exam and do a Pap smear. Lab work and a pelvic ultrasound will also be done at this appointment. You can also meet with our Patient Account Representative to discuss your insurance coverage.

From your first appointment through 27 weeks, you’ll visit your provider every four weeks.



(Week 13 to 27)

Your Baby
  • Month 4: Facial features become more defined. Your baby starts to appear distinctly male or female.
  • Month 5: The brain grows rapidly, allowing reflexes such as sucking to start.
  • Month 6: Your baby’s lungs are developing and preparing to eventually breathe on their own.
Helpful Tips
  • Month 4: Adjust your cleansing and beauty routines, as skin is affected by hormonal changes.
  • Month 5: Eat multiple small meals throughout the day to help reduce heartburn.
  • Month 6: Incorporate simple stretches to ease your aching back, ankles and feet.
Doctor’s Regimen

Sometime during 18-20 weeks your doctor will order an Anatomy Scan ultrasound. This is a detailed ultrasound that allows you to see the sex of your baby. Continue visiting the doctor every four weeks through 27 weeks. The visit at the end of your second trimester will include a screen for gestational diabetes.



(Week 28 to 40)

Your Baby
  • Month 7: Fine details are developing, eyelashes, movable eyelids and smoother skin become noticeable.
  • Month 8: The immune system is developing based on your antibodies.
  • Month 9: Everything in your baby is preparing for birth!
Helpful Tips
  • Month 7: Increase your fiber intake to combat constipation. Beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables all have high fiber content.
  • Month 8: Sleep with your upper body slightly propped up and on your side to reduce indigestion and improve blood flow to the baby.
  • Month 9: The best thing you can do in preparation for birth is rest, rest, rest!
Doctor’s Regimen

During the third trimester, you’ll be seeing more of your provider! Your visits will be scheduled every two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks. From 37 weeks to delivery, you’ll visit every week.

All deliveries are at either Providence Alaska Medical Center or Alaska Regional Hospital.



Postpartum visits are scheduled at six weeks for those who gave birth vaginally. For Cesarean births, visits are scheduled at 2 weeks and 6 weeks. Call us as soon as you can after you give birth to schedule these appointments! Then, don't forget to bring your new family member to your visit. Everyone at the office wants to meet him/her/them!

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