Dr. Natalia Korneeva

I enjoy improving my patients’ quality of life. I love my patients.

-Dr. Natalia Korneeva

I enjoy improving my patients’ quality of life. I love my patients.

-Dr. Natalia Korneeva

I’m originally from Tomsk – big university town in Russia. Even though I always knew I wanted to go into medicine, eventually I was drawn to the OBGYN specialty because it is a very unique field with ability to treat a variety of female problems, deliver kids and, to do surgery.

Surgeries hold my special interest. I perform robotic, minimally invasive and prolapse surgeries. Women want to look and feel good inside and outside. I enjoy helping them and improving their quality of life.

I love connecting with patients on a personal level as well! You cannot do that in some other medical fields. As OBGYN providers, we get to see women year-after-year and often take care of many women in the same family. My goal is to offer individualized care to my patients and their families. It matters!

Delivering babies gives me so much joy. It is a privilege to be a part of someone’s special day. People don’t usually forget who delivered their child, and they develop a deep connection to that physician.

I’ve had one of the busiest practices in Portland for the past 10 years. While I enjoy the excitement and adrenaline, my family is moving here for a change of pace. I’ve heard that Alaska is a good place to raise families, and we have two little girls.

My family likes skiing and camping. I also enjoy traveling and playing the piano. The performing arts are important to me. Mostly, I look forward to building a new medical practice and making new friends in this beautiful location!

Dr. Korneeva graduated from medical school in Russia at the Siberian State Medical University where she also earned her Ph.D. in Pathology & Obstetrics and Gynecology. She was a Professor at her medical school for six years. Dr. Korneeva completed two OBGYN residencies, one in Russia and one at Michigan State University.

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