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Keeping women at their peak health is our top priority! Our patients receive personalized care at every appointment. Patients tell us again and again how grateful they are to always see their same trusted provider.

Preventative measures are essential to maintaining your health. In addition to diet and exercise, preventative measures include annual examinations and screenings. Early detection is the first line of defense in keeping your body healthy. We offer a variety of preventive medicine services and care at our Anchorage, AK clinic, including but not limited to the following:

Well Woman Exam

An annual well woman exam is a once-yearly review of your gynecological health, including a physical exam of the abdomen, breasts and pelvis. It may also include a Pap test. Well woman exams are not intended to address specific, existing medical problems; it is a routine assessment of overall gynecological health.

Pap Smears

This routine test is critical to the prevention and detection of cervical cancer. A Pap smear, also called a Pap test, may be conducted every three to five years during your annual well woman exam.

Cancer Screening & Prevention

The Denali OB-GYN physicians conduct a variety of cancer prevention tests that relate to reproductive health. Your provider will discuss your specific risk factors and needs with you during your visit and recommend screenings accordingly.

Contraception Counseling

There are many kinds of birth control available, from hormonal contraceptive options to internal contraceptive devices and beyond. Our providers will talk with you about your lifestyle, sexual health, and contraceptive preferences to help determine the right choice for your needs.

Contraception Prescriptions

Contraception prescriptions are medical instructions provided by healthcare professionals that authorize the use of specific contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancy.

Menopausal Care

Menopause affects all parts of a woman’s body. Our providers will help guide your journey through menopause by offering the tools, treatments and empathetic care you need to stay healthy and feel confident during this transition.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening, Education & Prevention

We provide education, prevention and screenings related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS.

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